Arminio in Armenia

Arminio in Armenia: a faux opera seria                                                   June 2012

The Vertical Player Repertory IN THE WORKS Series

Workshop Performance of Opera Feroce’s opera in progress

Music of Nicola Porpora

Libretto by A. Sconosciuto (Based on “Las Sagradas Cruzadas del Héroe Arminio” by Léon d’Astorga)

Friday, June 8th 2012, 7:30 PM

Saturday, June 9th 2012, 7:30 PM

Christ Church Cobble Hill

326 Clinton Street

Brooklyn, New York

Arminio in Armenia, a new faux opera seria, is set to the music of the baroque composer Nicola Porpora. The original story and recitatives are written by an anonymous member of Opera Feroce. Arminio in Armenia recounts the misadventures of the Crusader Arminio, who receives a commission from Pope Urban VIII to convert the Armenian Infidels to Catholicism. En route, he nearly perishes in a tempest and washes up on the shore of Massachusetts, where he determines to wreak conversion upon the Pilgrim heretics instead.

Arminio & Genovinda: Hayden DeWitt

Tusnelda & Clorofilla: Beth Anne Hatton

Norberto & Adalberto: Alan Dornak

Vita Wallace, Violin

Kelly Savage, Harpsichord

Motomi Igarashi, Viola da Gamba