The Rise, Fall, and Return of Giovanni Pacini

Thea Cook, production curator for the revival of Pacini’s Malvina di Scozia, presents a frank look at the life, loves, scandals, and music of this misunderstood, talented, and resilient composer of 19th century Italian vocal music, Giovanni Pacini. A huge celebrity in his day, he was revered for his talent and reviled for his reputation as a schemer, his love affairs with Napoleon’s sister and a Russian Countess making him the subject of the worldwide press’s gossip. His operas were produced to acclaim in every corner of the globe. Why did he all but vanish from collective consciousness despite leaving behind an enormous body of moving and memorable scores? Selected audio from various operas, songs, and sacred compositions spanning Pacini’s career will be featured.

Thursday, May 12, 7:00-8:30 pm

Behind the Door
219 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY
$10 admission