A song cycle of metamorphosis and return. A child searches for his voice in a drop of water. But the voice is captive far away, disguised as a cricket. A woman struts by the sea in blazing sunlight, her words swim around her like little fish, in bright swaths of lime green and lemon yellow. Chop down my shadow, begs the dry orange tree, the memory of oranges caught in its branches like stars in the nighttime sky of the turning world.

Francis Poulenc: Trois Chansons de Federico Garcia Lorca
1. L’enfant muet
2. Adelina à la promenade
3. Chanson de l’oranger sec

Judith Barnes, director & mezzo soprano
Pablo Zinger, piano
Irena Romendik, video artist

Video footage by Judith Barnes, Isidore Elias, Chitra Raghavan and Irena Romendik, post production by Peter Szep

Premiering on June 13, 3:00 PM as part of the UNFIX FESTIVAL. Tickets, which give you access to the whole festival, are available HERE.